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Under our Academic Advising program, our students are prepared for and positioned to excel in the fiercely competitive college admission and scholarship application process.  From high hopes to final enrollment, our students gain the confidence, life skills and maturity for the next step

How We Help Your Student: 

Review Academic History

Identify Unique Gifting, Talents and Skills


Uncover Fields of Interest, Strengths and Opportunities


Determine Areas of Demonstrated Interest and Potential Major
     -Job-Shadowing and Internships
     -Summer Recommendations
     -Extra-Curricular Activities and Community Service


Social Media Impact

Personal Student Profile
     -Academic Resume
     -Online Portfolio
     -Personalized Showcase Strategies

Impact of GPA (unweighted and weighted)
     -Standardized Testing

     -Test Prep, Tutors, Online Tools & Strategies
     -Naviance/Family Connection

Determine Best Fit, Wi$eBuy© and Smart Choice Colleges
     -Impact of Early Action and Early Decision

     -Test Optional Universities

     -Gap Year

     -Select Opportunities: BS to MD, 3+3 Pre-Law, 3/2

College Application Assistance
     -Essay Brainstorming

     -Writing Critique
     -Strategies for Common App & Private Applications

     -Application Evaluations

Custom Scholarship Search:

     -Academic & Merit-Based

     -Private, Organizational and Community


Preparation for Campus Visits
     -Admission and Virtual Tours
     -Mock Interviews:

           Admissions Officers

           Scholarship Committees

           Financial Aid Office

           Professors and/or Deans

           Alumni Screening

Financial Awards, Offers and Comparisons


Student Accountability
     -Personal Responsibility
     -Time Management
     -Professional Etiquette

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