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Being a student-athlete can be a very rewarding life-experience for the informed student…but it is also very demanding.  At INSPIRE College Solutions, we address the rigors all student-athletes will encounter, and endeavor to strengthen each student in the necessary essentials for success both on...and off...the playing field.


It all begins with academics!


Excelling in the classroom translates to performance in their respective sport.  Coaches look at an athlete’s self-discipline, initiative, respect for authority, and mental toughness to get their work completed, on time, with effort in the classroom as one of the leading measures for all prospects. 

A student’s character and their understanding of what is required of them is critical.  Their values will reveal their character…and are seen in the classroom, on the playing field, in their social media, in public, and in private.  Without the foundation of strong ethics and high integrity, a student will not have what it takes to become a successful college athlete.  College coaches and professors have very high expectations of their athletes, and the student-athlete must be prepared with excellent life skills beyond their ability to play their sport well.

At INSPIRE College Solutions, we address the demands they will encounter and equip them for the complex process of athletic recruiting.


How We Help Your Student-Athlete: 

Getting to know you

     - Where you’ve been…where are you now?

     - Where do you want to go…why?

     - What’s the plan?

Introduction to INSPIRE College Solutions

     - Our relationship

     - Establish priorities

     - Expectations

Customized individualized plan

     - Student-Athlete Manual


Keeping Sports, School and Life in Perspective with Balance

     - Character counts

     - Family

     - Balancing academics, athletics and other activities

Academics Lead the Way - You're a Student First, Then an Athlete

- Strengths, Weaknesses, Fields of Interest

Athletic Profile

      - Athletic Resume’ 

      - Video Development

      - On-line presence

Understanding the role of High School and Club Coaches, MaxPreps, Letters of Recommendation, Club/Travel Sports, Showcases, Prospect Camps, Combines, Meets and/or Tournaments, Skills Evaluations, the Mental Game, Injuries and


Identifying Colleges and Key Personnel

     - College Fairs

     - Determining the Best Fit College

     - Affordability-Closing the Financial gap

     - Scholarship and Application Deadlines

Understanding the Differences between Sports Association Policies, their Rules and Opportunities

     - NCAA-Div I, Div II, Div III

     - NAIA-Div I, Div II

     - NJCAA-Div I, Div II, Div III

     - the Ivy League

Eligibility Guidelines, Core Course Requirements, PSA Questionnaires, College Calendars, Waivers, Admission Tours

Social Media Impact

Communication Protocol - When and How to Interact with College Coaches and Recruiting Coordinators, Letters, Phone Calls, Emails, Texts and Follow-Up, Letters of Recommendation


Preparation for Personal Interaction with Coaches

     - Mock Interviews

     - Unofficial vs Official Visits

National Letter of Intent™, Verbal Commitment, Early Signing, and Important Commitment Dates

Financial Award Comparisons, Appeals, Acceptance and Enrollment

Student Accountability

     - Personal Responsibility

     - Time Management

     - Professional Etiquette

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