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  1. Do you know where to begin?

  2. What's your it realistic? 

  3. How many colleges should you apply to?

  4. Is your resume and portfolio prepared do you know?

  5. Why aren’t the college coaches calling?  

  6. How are you going to pay for college and stay out of debt?

  7. Why didn't I get admitted?

  8. Do you understand the impact of Early Action, Early Decision, Wait-List and Deferral?

  9. What are you going to do if you miss a deadline?

  10. How will you avoid student-loans to pay for college?

Parents and students have MANY questions about the college admissions process, feel alone, and are stressed. Don't let this be you

We are with you every step of the way and guide your students to be the best they can be, and get into the college with NO DEBTt.  


We answer these tough questions and help your family navigate the turbulent waters of college admissions! 

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